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He clicked the trigger.Nothing comes out.Daniel saw that the slug was stuck in the shotgun.He thought that it's a message from destiny - that he should keep on.He took the monster's shirt and kept on.More rooms, more monsters, more paintings, more fainting.He was low on ammo and his nyctophobia was driving him mad.
Daniel woke up. He was in a bed, with clean sheets and big pillow. There was a luxury table with a glass of wine and a cheese omelette right next to his bed. He took a  sip of wine and ate the omelette.Suddenly, the door opened. A man, dressed with poor clothes and alot of scars from beating, perhaps. He said to Daniel:
- Don't worry, stranger.You are safe from the servants.By the way, my name is Tom.Be free to call me whenever you want.
Daniel nodded at Tom and got up from the bed.He remembered the note "Tom is out of his room" Did that mean he was a monster? From what he had seen, Daniel was sure that he was.He noticed his clean clothes.In a sack next to his bed there were lying an empty box and his 12 gauge, but it was broken at the middle and it was unusable.He went outside the room.It was the same castle, but, kind of brighter.Daniel took a walk around.All the paintings were covered with cloth."Thank god" said Daniel.He kept on and he walked into another room - dark, but a balcony was providing enough light so Danie wouldn't faint.He heard a noise - it was coming from the balcony.He layed low next to some boxes and heard a boat engine.He got his head out and guess who - Tom! Tom was throwing dead bodies into the boat.He muttered "...soon..the stranger...dead..".Daniel was really scared- but he didn't faint. He got up and ran to the door, but exactly at the door, a baseball bat hit his face.He was hurt, but got up and saw a man, wearing the same poor clothes as Tom.He saw Tom coming in the room.He shouted : "MISTER DANIEL PLEASE STAY IN YOUR ROOM!" with the scariest scream.Then he and the other man started beating Danie.Finally, Tom got out a Colt Python and pointed it into Daniel's head.


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I am from Bulgaria, and I study digital art. I am not the best artist, but I'm still studying! :D

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